samedi 15 novembre 2008

Natasha Barrett - Isostasie - Empreintes Digitales CD

U.K Composer Natasha Barret on the brilliant Empreintes Digitales label. Barret born 1972 and student of Jonty Harrison and later on Dennis Smaley ,delivers a total stand out album. Skillfully crafted from start to finish it has become to me a total stand-out the already very impressive Empreintes Digitales catalogue.
Natasha Barret has won numerous awards in the field and is one one of the most talented artists in the new generation of acousmatic and Musique concrete scene.

More info can be found on her own site

vendredi 14 novembre 2008

Masci & Bacalov - Pitturamusica / Corpopaessagio - General Music

Luis Bacalov is no stranger ! (born in Buenos Aieres in 1933. he has become one of Argentina's most prolific composer most notably for his movie scores Early on in his career, he composed scores for Spaghetti Western films, including Django, Storm Rider and The Price Of Power.
Bacalov has been nominated twice at the Academy Awards for his score of The gospel according to St Matthew in 1967 and winning the award for for Il postino in 1996.
In the early 1970s, he collaborated with Italian Prog bands New Trolls , Ossana and il Rovescio dedella Medaglia

Music written for an art expo at the Galleria Toninelli in Milano of the Italian painter Edolo Masci. One track co-written with non other than Ennio Morricone.

jeudi 13 novembre 2008

T.A.G.C. - Meontological Research Recording - Record 1- Sweatbox

I admit the cover really catches the eye !! really obscure ain't it !!! Well the cover does not lie this release is totally dark obscure late 80's experimental , but jeez what a mind twitcher !! Probably not the friendliest record to start the day with , but does hit the spot after a long day in city mayhem and the need to get all that 'shit' out !!!! It is by no means an aggressive album , but crawls on you like a crab on bad acid !! great stuff .
Side A recorded December 13, 1986 in Berlin. This work was further manipulated and later entitled Test Tones . Side B is an abridged live version of the soundtrack for Burning Water, recorded February 14, 1987 in Berlin.

mardi 11 novembre 2008

Ivan Pequeno-Ahora!- Eleven

Chilean native with this remarkable album on the small french label Eleven.
Multi instrumentalist Ivan Pequeno was born in 1945 , in the 60's he moved to Paris to continue his studies , and worked with Max Deutsch, and Jorge Arriagada.
This is the only album I know from Pequeno , though I did discover him from a retrospective CD of Chilliean Electroacoustic music.
Totally brilliant , electronic and concrete with strong socialist message . Pinochet led Chili was no happy place.
I hope Mr Pequeno won't mind that for the audio sample I allowed my self to put the whole of side A.

Gary Kail / Zurich 16 " Creative Nihilism" Iridescence 2XLP

One of those unfortunately rather unknown records by yet another rather unknown artist , Gary Kail . For the books Zurich 16 is none other then Gary Kail this time joining forces with friends and fellow artists.
Gary Kail is a mystery to me , this is the only recording I know of his , some other works seam to have appeared on some early 80's tapes , but apart from that .................. I have no clue !

All I hope is that he is still doing music somewhere and did not fall in that broken dreams category , which really does happen 99% of the time , leaving that dreaded 'complete 'bollocks' 1% of horrific music!!!!!! but hey hey who am I to judge ! The music I love inspired me to start this blog in the first place !!! but so did the music I hate !!!!!

Recorded between 1979 and 1983 at the New Underground Recording Studio. and spread on 2xlp (one Gary Kail and other Zurich 16)

This is all fun tape manipulations , DIY , Field recording , experimental , concrete must have album .

mercredi 1 octobre 2008

Yuri Kalendarev-Sound Sculptures -Die Schachtel / LP and CD

Belonging to the generation of underground “non-conformist” artists, the dissidents of the 70s, Yuri Kalendarev has employed various media to develop the outcome of his research that explore the intersection of sculpture and sound vibrations. He came upon the sonic possibilities of his work after 30 years of working with granite, land art and light projects.His Sound Plates are forged out of acoustic bronze compounds using hammers and fire, in order to generate a large range of frequency oscillations that allow multiple interactions with the listener’s inner being. Yuri’s bronze “Sound Plates” are designed to create massive low-frequency drones and midrange howls, capable of creating a wide variety of deep percussive sounds. In redefining the concept of sculpture in pure sound terms, the work of Yuri Kalendarev extends an explores a new aural experience beyond the sound itself, an investigation into the realm of “pure acoustics”.

dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Felix Werder - The Tempest - Pogus

Compilation of various works by Ausralian composer Felix Werder , from 1972 to 1992 blend of free Jazz , concrete and early electronics.
Regarded as being at the forefront of the Australian musical avant-garde, Werder's music has been widely performed. His early twelve-tone music has given way to a more improvisatory, collage-like style that often makes virtuosic demands on its performers.
Werder has been an Adult Education class lecturer in music since 1956 and held the position of music critic for the Melbourne daily newspaper The Age from 1960 to 1977 before moving into radio, developing a series on contemporary music with Keith Humble for the ABC.
Felix Werder has written for a wide variety of musical media, including chamber music, orchestral and music theatre works, and has received numerous commissions from organisations such as Deutsch Opera (1967), the ABC (1969), the Australian Opera (1969), the National Theatre (1975), the Victorian State Opera (1976), and the Berlin Festival (1987). He has also received awards for his compositions, including the Stamitz Prize in 1988, and the Sir Zelman Cowan Medal in 1991. He was created a Member of the Order of Australia for services to music in January 1976.
In 2002 a number of concerts featuring Werder's music helped celebrate the composer's 80th birthday. Further tribute was paid by the University of Melbourne, which awarded Werder the degree of Doctor of Music.

Anestis Logothetis "Hör!-spiel” Necrologlog 1961 Fantasmata 1960 - Jeunesse Musicales/ Preiser Records

Absolute must have album from Greek/Austrian composer Logothetis . "Hör!-spiel" was realised in 1974. Nekrologo 1961 composed in 1961. Fantasmata 1960 realised in 1961. All tracks were realised at Institut für Elektroakustik der Musikhochschule Wien.
Aggressive journey of concrete sounds and complete mayhem, industrial sound scapes ; This album has NWW list written all over it, and maybe it is ; Mind blowing stuff !!!! , I don't believe there has been a CD re-issue yet. Check the sound files !!!


vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Kenichi Kanazawa "To Strike the Iron" Niitsu Art Forum CD

kenichi kanazawa is a sculptor (born in tokyo, 1956) uses cut and cracked iron plates mainly. he often performs during his exhibitions, the sounds of plates striked by sticks and scrubbed by rubber balls are very static and spacy like harry bertoia. all tracks in this first released cd was performed by artist and percussionist sachiko nagata. with 34p full color booklet (texts in japanese).

mardi 23 septembre 2008

The Rodney Forest - Untitled - Qbico Delta - LP

Ju Suk Reet Meate, Oblivia and Tom Recchion !!! , how could could this possibly go wrong tell me !!!!!! One of the best Qbico I have heard so far (though I have not heard all of them) . I will tell you this though : You will still be playing this in 40 years time . This one has it all people , really should get this asap , Qbico is one of those labels that sell out real quick.
26 hand-made covers by Ju Suk & Tom Recchion (for the ltd ed) + 99 sprayed covers by qbico with stencils artworks by Troglosound (front & back)six versions: orange covers with gold or silver or black letters silver covers with gold or silver or fuchsia lettersrec. 2007, two tracks each side.

lundi 22 septembre 2008

Trevor Wishart- Red Bird - Red Bird: A Political Prisoner's Dream - York Electronic Studios LP

Red Bird is both a piece of music and an allegory of political oppression. It uses the sounds of birds, animals, words ("listen to reason"), & mechanisms, which are 'orchestrated' & transformed into one another". Recorded at University of York Electronic Studio between May 1973 & May 1977.

Trevor Wishart (1946, Leeds, England) has been very active, since the early 1970s in the area of electro-acoustic music (first with tape manipulation, later with computer pieces) and musical theatre pieces. He pays special attention to the objectives of musical education, to holding collaborative perform-projects and solo practice with the use of original vocal techniques. In 1973 he did his doctorate dissertation at the University of York (musical composition). Since the mid 70s he has been doing systematic research into various vocal-speech figures and the possibilities for their noting, giving special emphasis to the computer technologies. He is the author of a number of theoretical books on the issues of musical composition, philosophy and sociology, including such as: Whose Music?.. A Sociology of Musical Languages (Transaction Books Ed.), On Sonic Art. Music in a Technological Age (Gordon & Beach Ed.), Audible Design: A Plain and Easy Introduction to Practical Sound Composition (Orpheus the Pantomime Ed.), and also editions of musical and educational character: Sounds Fun (Universal Edition), Sounds Fun 2 (Universal Edition), Sun (Creativity & Environment, Universal Ed.), Sun 2 (A Creative Philosophy, Universal Ed.). His theoretical and practical musical productions are presented in various international collections and journals, including the following ones: Computer Music Journal, (USA), Leonardo (USA), Contemporary Music Review (Great Britain), Interface (Holland), Les Cahiers d’IRCAM (France), Music Realta (Italy). For many years he taught music and composition at various British educational institutions (such as University of Nottingham, University of Leeds, University of York, etc.), and also abroad: Sogetu Hall (Tokyo), University Complutense (Madrid), Academie d’Ete (Paris), Akademie der Kunst (Berlin), Kyoto University of Arts (Kyoto), Sibelius Akatemia (Helsinki), University of Sidney (Sidney), Royal Conservatory (Hague), Lund University (Lund) and others. He is the author of a number of musical and lingua-artistic productions that were created with support and order from: BBC (London), Paris Bienniale (Paris), Bourges Festival (Bourges), Swedish Radio (Stockholm), French Ministry of Culture (Paris) and others. Wishart is the holder of numerous prizes and awards, among them are the prizes of the International Festival of ElectroAcoustic Music (Bourges, 1978), Ars Electronica (Linz, 1988), and also the main prizes at the: Euphonie d’Or (Bourges Festival, Bourges, 1992), Golden Nica Award (Ars Electronica, Linz, 1995). Several times he was a jury member at festivals and professional contests, among them are the following ones: Ars Electronica (Linz, 1991-93), International Computer Music Conference (1991-94), Stockholm International Electronic Music Festival (1995). Since 1980 till 1999 he was a member of the organizing committee (1990-93 – a chairman) of the Sonic Art Network (EMAS), also initiated the Composers Desktop Project aimed at providing composers with high technology software. He is the author and designer of the unique in Britain 54-channel sounding of the Jorvik Viking Center Multimedia Museum (York). Trevor Wishart lives and works in York (Great Britain) Bio taken from

This has also been released on CD on October Music and on Electronic Music Foundation in 2000.

dimanche 21 septembre 2008

Gunter Mass - Musica Mundana 1971 - Private Press

And here is part 2 ! mp3 comming soon !

Günter Maas - Klangbilder - Private Press - LP

Here is a record I know pretty much nothing about ! So I will be obliged to do some copy/paste from Keith Fullerton Whiteman Mimaroglu online shop as this has just been re-pressed on Creel Pone .

klangbilder” contains four extended pieces, ranging from oskar-sala-esque sheets of detuned electronic sound (composed on the then state-of-the-art siemens synthesizer utilizing an experimental photo-electric coupler which converted his paintings into control-voltage !!!) to dark musique concréte pieces utilizing evil-sounding mass-chants & “traditional” processing ... the record builds in a linear fashion, climaxing with the intense “reise” ; ten minutes of turbulent environmental noises & dissonant, rasping synthesized tone clusters ...

jeudi 18 septembre 2008

Hans Krusi - EX HK (Experts) - Alga Marghen

Alga Marghen blessing us with this superb discovery. Born in Zürich, raised in Speicher, Appenzell, Switzerland. He never knew his father, and only consciously met his mother in 1936, a year before her death. At the age of two, he was placed with foster parents, and into an orphanage when he was ten. It was only in the mid-1970s that Krüsi began to paint and to sell his postcard-size pictures, along with his flowers, or at flea markets and on the train. Some time later, in around 1980, a gallery owner discovered the painting street-vendor. Swept along on the new wave of the art-world's enthusiasm for the "Wilde Malerei" (Wild Painting) of the 1980s, Krüsi rapidly achieved the status of a widely popular, artistic celebrity.From 1975 Hans Krüsi created an enormous, almost chaotic oeuvre. His art was chiefly informed by his idea of creatures and creation. The cow in its Alpine pasture, the man in front of his house, the cat, the pigeon - they are all creatures living together in the great union of nature; sometimes in paradisiacal harmony, at others under mutual, demoniacal threat. The thematic scope - an endless parade in Krüsi's paintings - is immense. While his proximity to Appenzell folk art is evident, his treatment of the popular, traditional motif of the "Alpaufzug", - the ceremonial transfer of cattle and household goods to Alpine summer pastures - is an expressive explosion of colour.

Following his Art Brut this mysterious tape re-issue mixing field recordings of insects, sheeps and distant bells with primitive chanting, percussive noises and distorted radio folk songs , testifies to the experimental daring of this artist, and the wide scope of his creativity.

mardi 16 septembre 2008

Christina Kubisch - On Air Six Themes On Open Spaces - Die Schachtel / LP

Christina Kubisch belongs to the first generation of sound artists. Trained as a composer, she has artistically developed such techniques as magnetic induction to realize her installations. Since 1986 she has added light as an artistic element to her work with sound.Christina Kubisch's work displays an artistic development which is often described as the "synthesis of arts" - the discovery of acoustic space and the dimension of time in the visual arts on the one hand, and a redefinition of relationships between material and form on the other.
This is re-issue of a tape from 1984.
The final and comprehensive document on the series of installations named "On Air" or "Magnetic Air" which Christina Kubisch exhibited in Italy and Europe from 1982 to 1986. Twenty years later, "on Air" has remained a fascinating listening experience, and represents a unique illustration of the artistic integration of sound and vision.The interactive section provides a virtual journey through the spectacular 1984 installation created for the medieval town of Gargonza in Tuscany, complete with 1 hour of additional music and a 15-minute video, also including photos, biography, info and scoresThis cycle of environmental/sound installation explored the relation between ambient and sound, it was realized using magnetic induction and special headphones, so space and music really can form an indissoluble unit."...Even if our listening reality is spherical, in general our way of listening is frontal: a comparison between the player and the listener, between podium and orchestra seat. I left the concert hall to look for new settings for music, places where you could listen while moving freely in space. Places where resonant space becomes a fundamental element along with the musician and the audience. Thus were born concerts in a forest, a basement, a tower, a former factory, shipyards, a cloister; on walls, roofs and terraces. Each work is a different composition, created for "that place". From this came the need to investigate the sonorous reality of the setting itself: to become acquainted with it, listen to it, live it by welcoming its vibrations. This is how various sonorous territories originated, inside of which I distribute the individual musical parts, composed especially for them. The guiding thread of sound in this case should be understood in the literary sense: a series of electrical wires form an electromagnetic labyrinth which the listener deciphers with the aid of special earphones, designed and realised for the purpose. During the journey, the visual structure is transformed into sonorous material. Thus, a composition is born which opens up the possibility of a mix between one musical flow and another, caused by the free movement of the listener among the individual sonorous sectors". (C. Kubisch, 1984)

Special multiple, limited edition of 99 clear vinyl records, with special transparent/opaline sleeves individually hand drawn, signed and numbered by Christina, also including a piece of original cable used for the on Air installation [1984], signed by the author COPIES: 99 total / Also Available on CD on Die Schaetel .

01-AudioTrack 01.mp3
02-AudioTrack 02.mp3
03-AudioTrack 03.mp3
04-AudioTrack 04.mp3
05-AudioTrack 05.mp3
06-AudioTrack 06.mp3
07-AudioTrack 07.mp3

Alvin Curran & Domenico Sciajno - Our UR - Rossbin Production / CD

Great Collaboration between well known Co-founder of Musica Elettronica Viva Alvin Curran and Domenico Sciajno. Ranging from subtle drones to concrete wizardry , even getting close to noise . I had never even heard of Sciajno before , but now will have my ears and eyes wide open for this guy , who seems to be pretty active by the looks of it , check his website for more info.

Vincent Epplay – Disque contre L’insomnie (Hypnose) – PPT 10inch

Extremely talented french artist Vincent Epplay , with this superb magic mushroom infused 10 inch. You just got to love the retro yet modern feel throughout this record, though both sides are very similar , this ones strikes everyone. To the point that every one who hears it , goes and grabs a copy on the spot !! The only downside is that I feel that regrettably it would not surprise me that this is badly distributed outside of France (so if any of you distributors happen to hit these pages . you know what to do !!)
Fake library music record subtitled Méthode douce pour choisir son niveau de réalité en période d'intense propagande démocratique (Soft method to choose its level of reality perception during an intense period of democratic propaganda). Recorded 2007 Paris. Inspired by the record of Dominique Webb: La psychosomnie, méthode contre l'insomnie (Magic disc, 1970). Produced by le 104 (Établissement artistique de la ville de Paris). Record released with the sound installation Station des ondes exhibited for La Traversée, December 29 & 30, 2007 at Cent-quatre (Paris, France). Comes with a round sticker reproducing the illustrated cover
MP3 sample to make you drool comming soon !!!

lundi 15 septembre 2008

Warren Jepson - Totentanz - Private Press

Here is a record that took me 'yonks' to find , one of those bloody 'wish list' records. Fortunately Melon Expander did release a great double compilation earlier this year entitled "Totentanz And Other Electronic Works 1958- 1973" (plz check their website . While this CD kept my ears busy it just made more eager to acquire the vinyl version , though the CD has a lot of other stuff , that completely blew me away !

Commissioned by the san francisco ballet company for carlos carvajal’s dance of death . Premiered at the san francisco opera house april 1967. Performed on national tour and at the palace of fine arts 1972 and by the san francisco dance spectrum at grace cathedral 1971 - 1972. costumes and production designed by cal anderson.warren jepson was raised in bethlehem, pennsylvania and attended oberlin conservatory. he has written scores for two musicals as well as several films and tv documentaries. in the past four years he has created total environments of sound, odor, and movement for the san francisco museum of art and was commissioned to do the centennial party for the san francisco art institute. he was on the staff of the san francisco conservatory before deciding to devote full time to composition.

Zanagoria - Insight Modulation - Gemelli - LP

Obviously first question "who the hell is Zanagoria ????" good question !! , I have googled this up at several occasions and never found anything ; My best bet is that this is someone probably famous under a guise name. The quality of this LP is epic !!!! , superb electronics a la Tom Disselvent Kid baltan meets Gil Melle . Could this be one of those holly grail Library records ?? No Doubt !!! (in my books.) + yes Gemelli does deliver the goods in terms of Library records , (though not all my taste)
No date but my best bet 60's
Not so easy to find , re-pressed on CD ??? I am not sure , though probably boot-legged somewhere !
I have heard rumours that there is another Zanagoria release , but still just a rumour !!
Recommended ??? You bet !!!!!!!!!

Sample 1,Sample 2,Sample 3,Sample 4

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.8 - Toshi Ichiniyagi- Electronic Field- Edition Omega Point / CD

'This performance is part of a concert series "Japanese Experimental Music 1960s" carried out at Art Tower Mito in Ibaraki. Toshi Ichiyanagi played improvisation on prepared piano and the sound was modulated by live electronics. Also painter Sadamasa Motonaga (b.1922, a member of GUTAI) projected abstract figures to walls of the space.'

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.7 - Joji Yuasa- Music For Experimental Films - Edition Omega Point / CD

Music for experimental films directed by Toshio Matsumoto. Track 1 is from 1974, track 2 from 1972, and track 3 from 1960. Limited edition of 700 copies.

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.6 - Tape Works Of Kuniharu Akiyama 1. - Edition Omega Point. /CD

Environmental Mechanical Orchestra composed in 1966 for an exhibition called "From Space to Environment" at Matsuya department store, Tokyo. 'Demonstration' Of Nissei Theater composed in 1963 for a public demonstration of the stage machinery of the newly opened Nissei Theatre in Tokyo. Music for H Bomb was composed in 1971. Numbered edition of 50 copies with bonus 3" CDr. The CDr contains some raw materials, some of which were used in the creation of track 1-2 .

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.5 - Toshi Ichinyagi - Music For Tingely - Edition Omega Point CD/LP

About the works By Toshi Ichiyanagi: Music for tinguely i believe it was 1963 when well known kinetic sculptor jean tinguely first visited japan to give one man show by his original works at minami gallery where was the center of new art in tokyo at that time. i was looking forward to this exhibition because i knew his work of self-destroyed piano performance1 took place at moma's garden in new york in 1960.after arriving in tokyo, tinguely was searching to collect scraps everyday. in those days we could still find broken fragments of machines here and there in tokyo. his all by new works. with all of his works motors were installed and though they were made of scraps some gave poetic images whereas others were noise making machineries with violent actions. scrap machineries were reborn as thythmic sculptures and enchanted gallery visitors.after seeing the show, i noticed that he was carefully treating the sculpture movement from the sound point of view also. i was fascinated and not able to stop my interest to make music out of those sculpture sounds. i asked for permission to both tinguely and minami gallery to use sounds. tinguely was miable person. he accepted mexhibition consisted y proposal and became interested in my composition. and one of the composition made of tinguely's kinetic sculpture sound is this "music for tinguely". the piece was composed at the studio of sogetsu art center where at this time was most cooperative place to new music. appearance in 1967, i was staying in new york for about 10 months with my wife and 2 years old son as a composer in residence under the invitation of jdr 3rd fund. my position was quite free so i was enjoying stimulating new york life by meeting friends of various fields, participating concerts of john cage and david tudor and the members of sonic arts union and so day i had a visitor in my apartment who was the composer and the professor of university of california in davis mr. larry austin. he told me that he recently established a music publisher "composers' edition" and he wishes to commision me a new work. i felt strong enthusiasm to new music on his talk, i willingly accepted his offer."appearance" was composed under such background while i was in new york and published on first issue of composers' edition.the piece is live electronic music and written by graphic notation for electronic equipments and some instruments 2. in this cd, john cage performs in the roll of manipulating electronics and david tudor bandneon and some young violinist and trumpet players participated. music for living space the tower named "sun tower" was constructed at the festival plaza when world expo was held in osaka in 1970. the tower had 3 layers inside. representing past was located undeground floor, present on ground level and the future up in the air.i was asked by producer noboru kawazoe and composer toshiro mayuzumi to compose the music of the future section. it came to my mind ro use the theory talk of architect kisyo kurokawa as a part of music with whom i was working together at the other pavillion and had intimate relation. i thought unique theory of kurokawa could become music inside the future section of sun tower environment. so in stead of his natural voice, i decided to compose artificially made computer voice. at the time of 1970, to make computer speak japanese required advanced technic thus it took me many hours before the piece completed.

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.4 - Joji Yuasa / Music For Theatrical Drama / Edition Omega Point / CD

Joji Yuassa returns for instalment 4.Oen (A woman named En) composed 1963 for tape. Mittsu no sekai (Three worlds) composed 1959 for orchestra and tape.

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.3 - Music Drama "Akai Mayu (A Red Cocoon)" - Makoto Moroi + Koubou Abe - Edition Omega Point / CD

Again elegantly packaged and limited to 500 copies.Akai Mayu (A Red Cocoon) is based on the short fiction by Koubou Abe (1924-1993). Performed at Sogetsu Art Center, Tokyo, Japan. Akai Mayu & Arcana 19 composed in 1960 and broadcast live by the Japan Broadcasting System NHK the same year. Needless to say that yest again (like all of the series .) Highest recommendations !!!

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.2 - Joji Yuasa, Kuniharu Akiyama Edition Omega Point /CD

Hitomi-za is an experimental puppet theatre group. they had performed in February 13-17 in 1962 at sogetsu kaikan hall. this program was consisted of three parts, and joji yuasa, kuniharu akiyama and naozumi yamamoto composed background sound for each parts. this cd contains two works made from magnetic tape from among them. both works are world premiere issue. limited 500 copies.joji yuasa: "moment grand-guignolesques" (1962) 5'21'' this "puppet" theatre, however all the puppets were made of cutting out thin and filmy paper, which gave me an idea of using all kind of sound out of various kinds of paper for this composition-musique concrete. - joji yuasakuniharu akiyama (1929-1996): "noh-miso" (a brain)/ (1962) 23'54""noh-miso" was the 2nd part of this hitomi-za show. akiyama composed background sound for the part by musique concrete, and he used modulated sound of inner-played piano by yuji takahashi in this work. - (omega point press release)


vendredi 12 septembre 2008

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.1 - Joji Yuasa- Aoi No Ue- Edition Omega Point CD/LP

First of all a big big shout out to Edition Omega Point : An outstanding store located , well unfortunately I can not read Japanese , but somewhere in Japan , they also do mail order , top store !!!!!Brilliant to finally make these remarkable recordings available for the public (Limited to 500 copies worldwide) .

Aoi no ue was composed 1961 for voice and tape and based on The tales of Genji written by Murasaki Shikibu in 11th century. My blue sky (No.1) composed 1975 for tape. Highest recommendations !!!!!



mardi 9 septembre 2008

Jocy De Olivieira Estorias Para Voz Instrumentos Acusticos E Electronicos - 1981

Composer and pianist Jocy de Oliveira was born in Curitiba and spent her youth in São Paulo. In contrast to many Brazilian musicians she has spent a very significant part of her career outside Brazil, with study in Paris and many international concert performances and recordings. Her interpretations of the Catalogue des Oiseaux and the Vingt Regards by Olivier Messiaen were issued by Vox in the seventies. Her recent work in music theater is available on a number of compact discs. Inori à prostituta sagrada (RER) and Illud tempus (O.O. Discs) are the first and second parts of a trilogy that was concluded with As Malibrans (2000). She is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Music.
This album , shows many different facets of Oliveira , as a composer , and as pianist . It comes highly recommended.
I will be honest in telling you , that is release can be dificult to find ; It is a vinyl only , though it has been re-issued on Creel pone (in very limited quantities).

lundi 8 septembre 2008

Bernard Parmegiani – Natura Sonorum – INA/GRM – 1984.

Really had to kick off with this master-piece .For starters , the name of the blog is taken from it .
Not the rarest item you will find on these pages . However it totally falls in the ‘Holly-grail “ category .
Though it was not released until 1984 , the works were realized in June 1975.
This has been issued and re-issued numerous times , If you only buy CDs .I would suggest purchasing the recently issued :
Bernard Parmegiani – L’Oeuvres en 12 CD – INA/GRM (Must have CD box set !) even for you ‘vinyl only’ compulsive types.

Listen , Listen 2 , Listen 3

vendredi 5 septembre 2008

Sonorum will post short mp3 samples when ever possible .
If you enjoy what you hear , please support these artists and labels , and purchase a copy for your self !!!


Hello and welcome to Sonorum . This site is devoted into promoting experimental music from yesterday and tomorrow.
If you feel you can contribute to this site please do and contact me.
We mainly focus on vinyl , but of course CD’s are a welcome addition.