jeudi 13 novembre 2008

T.A.G.C. - Meontological Research Recording - Record 1- Sweatbox

I admit the cover really catches the eye !! really obscure ain't it !!! Well the cover does not lie this release is totally dark obscure late 80's experimental , but jeez what a mind twitcher !! Probably not the friendliest record to start the day with , but does hit the spot after a long day in city mayhem and the need to get all that 'shit' out !!!! It is by no means an aggressive album , but crawls on you like a crab on bad acid !! great stuff .
Side A recorded December 13, 1986 in Berlin. This work was further manipulated and later entitled Test Tones . Side B is an abridged live version of the soundtrack for Burning Water, recorded February 14, 1987 in Berlin.

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