dimanche 28 septembre 2008

Anestis Logothetis "Hör!-spiel” Necrologlog 1961 Fantasmata 1960 - Jeunesse Musicales/ Preiser Records

Absolute must have album from Greek/Austrian composer Logothetis . "Hör!-spiel" was realised in 1974. Nekrologo 1961 composed in 1961. Fantasmata 1960 realised in 1961. All tracks were realised at Institut für Elektroakustik der Musikhochschule Wien.
Aggressive journey of concrete sounds and complete mayhem, industrial sound scapes ; This album has NWW list written all over it, and maybe it is ; Mind blowing stuff !!!! , I don't believe there has been a CD re-issue yet. Check the sound files !!!


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Raw Power a dit…

I want this! Re-Up Please?