lundi 15 septembre 2008

Zanagoria - Insight Modulation - Gemelli - LP

Obviously first question "who the hell is Zanagoria ????" good question !! , I have googled this up at several occasions and never found anything ; My best bet is that this is someone probably famous under a guise name. The quality of this LP is epic !!!! , superb electronics a la Tom Disselvent Kid baltan meets Gil Melle . Could this be one of those holly grail Library records ?? No Doubt !!! (in my books.) + yes Gemelli does deliver the goods in terms of Library records , (though not all my taste)
No date but my best bet 60's
Not so easy to find , re-pressed on CD ??? I am not sure , though probably boot-legged somewhere !
I have heard rumours that there is another Zanagoria release , but still just a rumour !!
Recommended ??? You bet !!!!!!!!!

Sample 1,Sample 2,Sample 3,Sample 4

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Crazy Monkey a dit…

I believe that Zangoria is the same guy as the italian world famous organist Giogio Carnini ;-)