mardi 9 septembre 2008

Jocy De Olivieira Estorias Para Voz Instrumentos Acusticos E Electronicos - 1981

Composer and pianist Jocy de Oliveira was born in Curitiba and spent her youth in São Paulo. In contrast to many Brazilian musicians she has spent a very significant part of her career outside Brazil, with study in Paris and many international concert performances and recordings. Her interpretations of the Catalogue des Oiseaux and the Vingt Regards by Olivier Messiaen were issued by Vox in the seventies. Her recent work in music theater is available on a number of compact discs. Inori à prostituta sagrada (RER) and Illud tempus (O.O. Discs) are the first and second parts of a trilogy that was concluded with As Malibrans (2000). She is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Music.
This album , shows many different facets of Oliveira , as a composer , and as pianist . It comes highly recommended.
I will be honest in telling you , that is release can be dificult to find ; It is a vinyl only , though it has been re-issued on Creel pone (in very limited quantities).

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