mercredi 1 octobre 2008

Yuri Kalendarev-Sound Sculptures -Die Schachtel / LP and CD

Belonging to the generation of underground “non-conformist” artists, the dissidents of the 70s, Yuri Kalendarev has employed various media to develop the outcome of his research that explore the intersection of sculpture and sound vibrations. He came upon the sonic possibilities of his work after 30 years of working with granite, land art and light projects.His Sound Plates are forged out of acoustic bronze compounds using hammers and fire, in order to generate a large range of frequency oscillations that allow multiple interactions with the listener’s inner being. Yuri’s bronze “Sound Plates” are designed to create massive low-frequency drones and midrange howls, capable of creating a wide variety of deep percussive sounds. In redefining the concept of sculpture in pure sound terms, the work of Yuri Kalendarev extends an explores a new aural experience beyond the sound itself, an investigation into the realm of “pure acoustics”.

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