lundi 15 septembre 2008

Warren Jepson - Totentanz - Private Press

Here is a record that took me 'yonks' to find , one of those bloody 'wish list' records. Fortunately Melon Expander did release a great double compilation earlier this year entitled "Totentanz And Other Electronic Works 1958- 1973" (plz check their website . While this CD kept my ears busy it just made more eager to acquire the vinyl version , though the CD has a lot of other stuff , that completely blew me away !

Commissioned by the san francisco ballet company for carlos carvajal’s dance of death . Premiered at the san francisco opera house april 1967. Performed on national tour and at the palace of fine arts 1972 and by the san francisco dance spectrum at grace cathedral 1971 - 1972. costumes and production designed by cal anderson.warren jepson was raised in bethlehem, pennsylvania and attended oberlin conservatory. he has written scores for two musicals as well as several films and tv documentaries. in the past four years he has created total environments of sound, odor, and movement for the san francisco museum of art and was commissioned to do the centennial party for the san francisco art institute. he was on the staff of the san francisco conservatory before deciding to devote full time to composition.

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