mardi 16 septembre 2008

Vincent Epplay – Disque contre L’insomnie (Hypnose) – PPT 10inch

Extremely talented french artist Vincent Epplay , with this superb magic mushroom infused 10 inch. You just got to love the retro yet modern feel throughout this record, though both sides are very similar , this ones strikes everyone. To the point that every one who hears it , goes and grabs a copy on the spot !! The only downside is that I feel that regrettably it would not surprise me that this is badly distributed outside of France (so if any of you distributors happen to hit these pages . you know what to do !!)
Fake library music record subtitled Méthode douce pour choisir son niveau de réalité en période d'intense propagande démocratique (Soft method to choose its level of reality perception during an intense period of democratic propaganda). Recorded 2007 Paris. Inspired by the record of Dominique Webb: La psychosomnie, méthode contre l'insomnie (Magic disc, 1970). Produced by le 104 (Établissement artistique de la ville de Paris). Record released with the sound installation Station des ondes exhibited for La Traversée, December 29 & 30, 2007 at Cent-quatre (Paris, France). Comes with a round sticker reproducing the illustrated cover
MP3 sample to make you drool comming soon !!!

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Denis Chevalier a dit…

this record is distributed by Metamkine (, like all our items.
thank you
denis chevalier (PPT / Stembogen)

Jacob Strachotta a dit…

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