samedi 15 novembre 2008

Natasha Barrett - Isostasie - Empreintes Digitales CD

U.K Composer Natasha Barret on the brilliant Empreintes Digitales label. Barret born 1972 and student of Jonty Harrison and later on Dennis Smaley ,delivers a total stand out album. Skillfully crafted from start to finish it has become to me a total stand-out the already very impressive Empreintes Digitales catalogue.
Natasha Barret has won numerous awards in the field and is one one of the most talented artists in the new generation of acousmatic and Musique concrete scene.

More info can be found on her own site

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MrCrispOneDollarBill a dit…

Your blog has stirred my dormant collector desires. I love to look at the interesting releases that you have chosen. Do you trade records?