lundi 15 septembre 2008

Obscure Tape Music From Japan Vol.5 - Toshi Ichinyagi - Music For Tingely - Edition Omega Point CD/LP

About the works By Toshi Ichiyanagi: Music for tinguely i believe it was 1963 when well known kinetic sculptor jean tinguely first visited japan to give one man show by his original works at minami gallery where was the center of new art in tokyo at that time. i was looking forward to this exhibition because i knew his work of self-destroyed piano performance1 took place at moma's garden in new york in 1960.after arriving in tokyo, tinguely was searching to collect scraps everyday. in those days we could still find broken fragments of machines here and there in tokyo. his all by new works. with all of his works motors were installed and though they were made of scraps some gave poetic images whereas others were noise making machineries with violent actions. scrap machineries were reborn as thythmic sculptures and enchanted gallery visitors.after seeing the show, i noticed that he was carefully treating the sculpture movement from the sound point of view also. i was fascinated and not able to stop my interest to make music out of those sculpture sounds. i asked for permission to both tinguely and minami gallery to use sounds. tinguely was miable person. he accepted mexhibition consisted y proposal and became interested in my composition. and one of the composition made of tinguely's kinetic sculpture sound is this "music for tinguely". the piece was composed at the studio of sogetsu art center where at this time was most cooperative place to new music. appearance in 1967, i was staying in new york for about 10 months with my wife and 2 years old son as a composer in residence under the invitation of jdr 3rd fund. my position was quite free so i was enjoying stimulating new york life by meeting friends of various fields, participating concerts of john cage and david tudor and the members of sonic arts union and so day i had a visitor in my apartment who was the composer and the professor of university of california in davis mr. larry austin. he told me that he recently established a music publisher "composers' edition" and he wishes to commision me a new work. i felt strong enthusiasm to new music on his talk, i willingly accepted his offer."appearance" was composed under such background while i was in new york and published on first issue of composers' edition.the piece is live electronic music and written by graphic notation for electronic equipments and some instruments 2. in this cd, john cage performs in the roll of manipulating electronics and david tudor bandneon and some young violinist and trumpet players participated. music for living space the tower named "sun tower" was constructed at the festival plaza when world expo was held in osaka in 1970. the tower had 3 layers inside. representing past was located undeground floor, present on ground level and the future up in the air.i was asked by producer noboru kawazoe and composer toshiro mayuzumi to compose the music of the future section. it came to my mind ro use the theory talk of architect kisyo kurokawa as a part of music with whom i was working together at the other pavillion and had intimate relation. i thought unique theory of kurokawa could become music inside the future section of sun tower environment. so in stead of his natural voice, i decided to compose artificially made computer voice. at the time of 1970, to make computer speak japanese required advanced technic thus it took me many hours before the piece completed.

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