jeudi 15 janvier 2009

Arthur Pétronio - Arthur Pétronio - Igloo

Pétronio (born 1897) a remarkable artist to the fullest meaning of the word. Firstly he had a very important career as a violinist , performer and composer)
Then later on turned his interest in painting firstly with later on becoming close friend with Kadinsky and Klee , Moholy-Nagy and following the abstract painting movements of the time.
Also an author he published several poetry books.
Here Pétronio's only known recording (though he is also included in the Poesia Sonora box set from cramps) reveals his ingenious approach to sound poetry. great journey in an artists mind. A favourite from the already very impressive igloo catalogue.


lundi 12 janvier 2009

Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt - The Fascinating World of Electronic Music - Philips LP

Some of the earliest electronic recordings were produced, in the late-1950s by Netherlands-based composers/keyboardists Tom Dissevelt and technician Kid Baltran (born: Dick Raaijmakers). Their 1957 debut album, Song Of The Second Moon, included the groundbreaking electronic composition, "Sonik Re-entry". Although they continued to collaborate on an album, Glas in 1958 and a seven-inch single, "Electronic Moments" in 1959, Dissevelt had replaced Baltran with another technician when he recorded his 1964 album, Fantasy In Orbit. Fun record !!
Listen 1,Liten 2,Listen 3

dimanche 11 janvier 2009

Pietro Grossi - Elettro Musica No.2 - Leo

Here is favourite of mine from Pitero Grossi. Sometimes twisted and very aggressive electronics followed by some mellower moments and bang more FM synthesis madness 'a la ' Pietro Grossi . Pietro Grossi was a cellist and composer, born in Venice in 1917. He founded the S 2F M (Studio de Fonologia Musicale di Firenze) in 1963 in order to experiment with electronic sound and composition, basing his work on explorations of very reduced material until his death in 2002.

Guiliani Sorgini - Elettroformule - Leo /Vinyl

Extremly rare micropressed library record by Sorgini from 1969. Even googling this up did not show much , just half a page . Some really lo-fi electronic/concrete , not the best pressing(like a lot of those library records) but for my taste does add an extra something .

VA - Associacio Catalana De Compositors Vol 1. / Ensayo-Eny

No doubt in my mind the standout track on this is Andres Lewin-Richter's " sequencia 2" (included as mp3 below) delicious , deliriously soaked analog syhth mayhem , beautifully recorded ! I could say this track has balls !!! As for the the rest which includes Juan José Olives , Albert Sarda Miguel Roger David Padros simply good quality modern Classical. .

lundi 5 janvier 2009

Orchid Spangiafora-Flee Past’s Ape Elf-Twin/Tone Records 1979 / Vinyl

Released by Twin/Tone Records in 1979. This vinyl was only pressed 724 copies. Hence not the easiest to to find , on top of it this found it's way on the infamous NWW list , so 'bang' this means that much more people want it. and 'yes it is brilliant !!!!!
Orchid Spangiafora is Rob Carey sometimes aided by Byron Coley & Chris Osgood .Excellent tape loops, splices, cut-ups and so forth."

samedi 3 janvier 2009

Lelo Nazario - Discurso Aos Objetos / Balada Unidimensional - Private Press Vinyl

Outside of Brazil Lelo Nazario is unfortunatly no household name .Recognized as a very original composer and pianist and one of the creators of GRUPO UM, he works in the areas of avant-garde , musique concrete and jazz. Trying to find more info on I did discover , and was not surprised that he had also worked , with Hermeto Pascoal and luiz Roberto Oliveira . An exceptional pianist indeed , but this skillfully crafted musique concrete pressed on 45 rpm vinyl slab should make head turns !!
Discurso aos objectos (1978) , full of concrete wizardry and unpredictable complexity could make Krishna turn into a bad boy !
Balada Unidimensional (1983) teaming up with guitarist Paulo Bellinati , shows traits of heart felt classical guitar improve , closely followed and answered by Nazario