samedi 3 janvier 2009

Lelo Nazario - Discurso Aos Objetos / Balada Unidimensional - Private Press Vinyl

Outside of Brazil Lelo Nazario is unfortunatly no household name .Recognized as a very original composer and pianist and one of the creators of GRUPO UM, he works in the areas of avant-garde , musique concrete and jazz. Trying to find more info on I did discover , and was not surprised that he had also worked , with Hermeto Pascoal and luiz Roberto Oliveira . An exceptional pianist indeed , but this skillfully crafted musique concrete pressed on 45 rpm vinyl slab should make head turns !!
Discurso aos objectos (1978) , full of concrete wizardry and unpredictable complexity could make Krishna turn into a bad boy !
Balada Unidimensional (1983) teaming up with guitarist Paulo Bellinati , shows traits of heart felt classical guitar improve , closely followed and answered by Nazario

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