lundi 12 janvier 2009

Kid Baltan and Tom Dissevelt - The Fascinating World of Electronic Music - Philips LP

Some of the earliest electronic recordings were produced, in the late-1950s by Netherlands-based composers/keyboardists Tom Dissevelt and technician Kid Baltran (born: Dick Raaijmakers). Their 1957 debut album, Song Of The Second Moon, included the groundbreaking electronic composition, "Sonik Re-entry". Although they continued to collaborate on an album, Glas in 1958 and a seven-inch single, "Electronic Moments" in 1959, Dissevelt had replaced Baltran with another technician when he recorded his 1964 album, Fantasy In Orbit. Fun record !!
Listen 1,Liten 2,Listen 3

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Anonyme a dit…

why dont share these long gone albums instead of giving us shitty streams ?

Toothless-Wonder a dit…

Hello there !!!
I will copy paste one of the first post I put up on this blog

"Sonorum will post short mp3 samples when ever possible .
If you enjoy what you hear , please support these artists and labels , and purchase a copy for your self !!! "