jeudi 15 octobre 2009

Francois Bayle - Jeita - Prospective 21 eme Siecle

François Bayle (born April 1932 , Toamasina,Madagascar)

In the 1950s he studied with Oliveier Messaien, Pierre Schaeffer and Stockhausen. In 1960 he joined the ORTF, and in 1966 was put in charge of the (GRM). In 1975, the GRM was integrated with the new (INA) with Bayle as its head, which post he held until 1997. During these years he organized concerts, radio broadcasts, seminars and events celebrating individual composers, supported technological developments (Syter, GRM Tools, Midi Formers, Acousmographe) and was behind innovations such as the Acousmonium and the INA-GRM recordings label.
After leaving GRM in 1997, he founded his own electronic music studio, the Studio Magison, where he has devoted himself to research, writing and composition.

Jeita , or murmurs of the waters is the name given in Amareic of a cavern near Beyruth. Bayle was among one of the fist to visit one of the largest and richest caverns in the world. Several months later in January 1969 the general public was allowed to enter the upper corridors and great halls of Jeita for the first time on the occasion of an electro-acoustic concert concieved by Francois Bayle .


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