mercredi 4 mars 2009

Rodolfo Caesar - Cuare - Private Press LP

Superb album by under-looked Brazilian Composer Rodolfo Caesar. Private press of 300-500 copies ??? (1975). This is huge !!! it's all here, Electronics ,Avant Gard, Concrete , superbly composed ;executed with distinct passion of the art form.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, 1950; is Lecturer at the School of Music in UFRJ, Brazil, where he coordinates LaMuT – Music and Technology Lab (Laboratório de Música e Tecnologia). Caesar works also as researcher at the National Council of Research (Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa).

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christian a dit…

Superb album. Mesmerizing throughout.
You forgot to mention this was produced at/for the GRM in Paris, the mecca of music concrèteowlita.

christian a dit…
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senhorjohnson a dit…


The name of this album is "A arte dos sons" (The art of the sounds) and not Cuare as you said.


chinapig55 a dit…
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