samedi 14 février 2009

Fernando Grillio / Dumitrscu / Nemescu / Cazaban / Surianu - Electrecord 2XLP

The fantastic Fernando Grillio teaming up with all star Romanian composers , Iancu Dumitrescu , Octavian Nemescu, Costin Cazaban , Horia Surianu.
Truly on my mind Grillio was the only real candidate to perform these pieces.
Grillio is well known for his technical accomplishment and one of the rare to accomplish such sonic detail and timbral finesse I can imagine that these pieces were written with Grillio specifically in mind.
Double bass , prepared pianos ,gongs ,Crystals ,Synths ,saws and Cobza (Romanian luth)

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Do you have some samples from this album? It would be great if you could post them. I remember this from the 80's.